Impact of Severe Hearing Loss

As more people rely on hearing aids to make things better, a local audiologist says that most of these devices end up stored in dresser drawers. The purpose of an aid is far from how glasses work to correct vision defects with lenses. Both ears receive the sounds that are made louder by hearing aids. Restoring one’s ability to hear is not its direct function.A staff at the local health unit says he firmly believes that people should know and understand hearing test results. They need an insight into what causes the loss. He mentions how marital problems can be caused by a simple lack of understanding of the condition present in a spouse.

Hearing loss

All clinical audiologists are holders of master’s degrees and certifications. This staff at the local health unit has a Bachelor of Arts degree and diploma in education of the deaf from a leading Canadian university, and a master’s degree in communications disorders from a US university. An audiologist who sells hearing aids cannot identify hearing problems in particular. Hearing aids are what they can provide.It is part of the local health units’ programs to conduct developmental tests for children from birth to school age. They could also do more hearing tests now that the new centre is built. Aside from makingĀ aural plus assessments more accessible to patients, it will improve the process of how changes and progress are monitored. The testing environment for accurate and complete hearing tests requires a sound proof booth and a number of different electric equipment. The number of available equipment will be increased as well as the facilities for hearing exams.

Susceptible to two kinds of hearing impairments are children. An acquired loss of hearing is the first possibility. This is highly possible should a pregnant mother suffer from rubella or German measles during the first trimester. Severe hearing loss in children can also come from cases of mumps, measles, and meningitis experienced by the child.Corrective processes can only deal with this second type of impairment and the person may have a chance at regaining his hearing, and if people can decide over this matter then this is the option to take. Sensory neural loss on the other hand can only get worse and this happens when an acquired loss is due to disease. It is possible to encounter a loss of hearing through environmental noise. It does not have to be so loud for it to be painful.