Mariyam Dawood Kidney Transplant – Back to Basics

This is one of those Most frequent questions so far as kidney transplant is worried. Among the most frequent reasons people go to get a kidney transplant is when they have a kidney failure. Keep reading to learn more about when a patient needs to go for this transplant.

The kidney function

If You do not Understand, your kidneys are organs that seem like beans. These organs are located on each side of your abdomen. They receive blood circulation out of the blood vessels on a regular basis. On your kidney, there Is various filters and they are called nephrons. Their purpose is to filter harmful substances and extra fluid. The remainder of liquid is passed from your system via the urethra.

Kidney disease

If you have a kidney Disorder, the nephrons suffer from severe harm. Because of this, your kidneys do not filter well. Your body accumulates a good deal of damaging stuff with time. When you lose 90 percent of their kidney functionality, you have got the final stage of this kidney disease.

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Sources for the kidney failure

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Artery blockage
  • Polycystic kidney disease
  • Immunity system disease
  • Treatment for the kidney disease

If your kidneys have Lost nearly 90% of the functionality, we recommend that you get appropriate treatment to be able to stop the life threatening consequences. Normally, dialysis is a solution for this condition. This procedure requires plenty of money and time.

A better solution is Called kidney transplant. Unlike dialysis, this process is more suitable.

The success rate

You can Find a kidney transplant done by mariyam dawood no matter how old you are. However, your health should be good enough. This is to help you endure the significant operation. If you choose the immunosuppressant drugs post the process, the odds of the success of this process will be high and your body will not reject the new organ.

Patients That Are not Eligible for the process

Patients with last stage of cancer

Patients with AIDS

Patients with an active infection

Patients with a heart or liver disease

Waiting for the procedure

Unfortunately, if you Have been suffering from a kidney disorder, we recommend that you apply for a kidney transplant. But bear in mind that you need to wait for your turn for the process. Typically, you might need to wait for as many as two years in the queue. Aside from this, for those who have a rare blood group, you might need to wait a bit longer than other men and women. If you are on the Waiting list, you should be prepared to prepare for the process at a brief notice. When you are waiting, you are put on dialysis on a regular basis. Additionally, you must follow a healthful diet plant.