Everything one should know about Desmond the boxer

Mobile gaming is gaining momentum and millions of online video gamers love playing challenging games during leisurely times. Considering this important fact world famous boxer and his senator friend has successfully launched mobile content and discovery platform where innovatively designed and developed games are stored in it. This firm has ambitious plans to build the fastest crowd sourcing community, driving traffic and revenue through empowerment. Visitors will get maximum information about desmond teo yen koon and his company when they explore all the categories that are stored on this site.

Desmond has won awards and recognitions

Desmond’s company namely Gtoken has grown exponentially over the years and is now labeled as one of the best crowd sourcing, advertise space and gaming company which is famous throughout the world. Desmond is a well-known figure in the world of boxing and martial arts since he has mastered kick boxing quickly.

desmond teo yen koon

He has entered into joint venture with Manny Pacquiao which is a positive and wonderful step. Gtoken has rapidly grown throughout Asia and is still gaining immense popularity in other countries. Desmond loves travelling and has travelled far and wide till date. Some of the photos taken by him are popular in social media and networking sites. Visitors that are longing to get in-depth information about him should explore his photos, blogs, videos and testimonials. Desmond and his partner have built best rapport, trust and friendship and taking their site to the next level. Current value of Gtoken is estimated to be around millions of dollars.