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One can now get the quality mooncakes which are packed in the practical boxes that can be the presented once in terms of the date of the gold. They can also work with the transformation of stationery box. One can find the magnetic disc calendar which has a miniature photo frame. It can also go with the three slot type of the pen holder and the first style top box. This is something which can work with storage compartments making it go with all kinds of the stationary needs. One can get the newest flavours in terms of the Singapore mooncake collection. It can also work with the white Lotus seed paste that has the black sesame mooncake. the mooncake collection is also the newest one this year. It can work with the signature Mini baked custard type of the birds nest flavours. it can also work with the glorious creamy custard which has generous serving in terms of the bird’s nest.

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Mooncake hamper singapore

Mooncake hamper singapore can also work with the all the interesting flavours which can come with the Kaya truffles snow skin mooncake it also can be the best one in terms of many new products. the taste can be also enhanced with the use of the signature Rose shaped mooncakes.


all of them can be the best one in terms of the Irish whiskey cream and assam tea that has been used in them.