Taking steps in improving the healthcare facilities with the Dawood foundation

The Bashir Dawood & Mariyam Dawood foundation is continuously made efforts in improving the condition of medical healthcare of the nation. They have founded a SUIT and Transplant operation theatre complex that is capable of treating people without being biased and without discriminating on the basis of the face, caste, creed, religion and gender

The aim is to open several institutes that have the same values and comes with great equipment making sure that the population of the nation is getting quality healthcare service and everything comes under one roof there are ICUs, Operation theatres, donor rooms and extensive care centres and everything with medical coming under one roof makes it easy for a person who is undergoing some treatment or is ill to have quality treatment and checkup without having

mariyam dawood

It comes as pride to the foundation that they are making stimulation innovation in the medical research field in hope of improving healthcare system of Pakistan and the standard of living in the nation. In the treatment and healthcare that remains accessible, the transplant centre is going strong in improving the quality service of healthcare.

It is important for each individual to understand there is a need to come forward and support people who are in need it is high time to realize e our responsibilities and try to make a difference with other lives that too deserve to have a bright future. You can join the moment of bringing a difference to lives.