Most Popular Sexy Telugu Movies on this ott: Aha

As you already know that Aha has got all the genres of movies, and one of those is sensational sexy movies. The most popular sexy movies of telugu film industry are here. It’s a one stop destination for all the love and romantic movies. You can enjoy watching all different kinds of movies from the star cast. Aha OTT is a good OTT which helps you to while away time and even learn to enjoy life in very tiny moments. You will understand the minute moments are really important and enjoying it is also important.Recent Telugu movies onlineto watch anytime, anywhere on Aha. Aha videos are fantastic to watch.

Sexy movies and series which are super hit:

Colour Photo:

Colour photo is a super hit movie in OTT. It’s a recent hit which was heart touching. It’s a small with a small cast. This movie is a great love story of Jai Krishna and Deepthi. This movie is a great example of how to deal with the racisim and what is the current situation of colour discrimination in india. How skin tone plays a major role in the success of love. You will enjoy the love between these two birds. It’s lovely to watch how they enjoy these tiny moments. But unfortunately even though they want to fight it out, this typical family issue and dominating personalities doesn’t not let them live their life and kill the love. Clearly it’s a tragic love story, but you will love it.

Most Popular Sexy Telugu Movies on this ott: Aha


An absolute bliss to eyes is OreyBujjiga, this movie makes a difference in your thinking process on love. It’s a bit confusing while watching but definitely a fun movie to watch. So, this is a love story of Bujji and Krishnaveni, they have no clue who they are in the village but they come to the city with some circumstance and give fake to each other and fall in love as swathi and sreenu. Sreenu is fun and also a mindful person. Krishnaveni is a strict and thoughtful person. This is all about how Sreenu and Swathi fall in love and how their families get involved.


Masti’s is not a movie but a sextiest series that everyone must watch. This series involves many strong characters. It depicts the whole life and his surrounding under pressure of love, career, personal life, fame and more. This series takes place in a restaurant bar called Masti’s which was gifted by Pranav to his beloved wife Gauri on their marriage anniversary. Anand Raju works as a manager there and he falls for Lekha but there is a twist here. Tanya is a paid singer in Masti’s. You will enjoy these beautiful twists and turns in masti’s. Their love story gives you a life lesson which is a very strong message. Every action you take definitely will have a strong reaction and this movie is a clear example for it.

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